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Ozone Washing Process for Vegetables and Fruits

Ozone Washing Process for Vegetables and Fruits by KAFPCO:

KAFPCO invests in specialized ozone generation equipment. Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizing agent that can be produced from oxygen (O2). The equipment creates ozone by exposing oxygen molecules to ultraviolet (UV) light or through corona discharge.
The food products have different kinds of Bacteria, pathogens and spoilage microorganisms on their surface and as these grow at a very fast rate the freshness and shelf life of vegetables and fruits is adversely affected

Ozone Injection

The ozone gas generated is carefully injected into the water used for washing vegetables and fruits. It is crucial to control the concentration of ozone in the water to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

Ozone Contact

As the produce passes through the washing process, it comes into contact with ozone-infused water. Ozone readily breaks down into oxygen, leaving no harmful residues on the fruits and vegetables.

Microbial Reduction

Ozone is highly effective at disinfection and microbial reduction. It can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens that may be present on the surface of the produce. This helps in improving food safety.

Pesticide and Residue Removal

Pesticide and Residue Removal" Ozone is also capable of breaking down pesticide residues and other chemical contaminants. This is especially important for organic farming or when the produce has been treated with pesticides.

Color and Texture Preservation

Ozone treatment can help in maintaining the color, texture, and overall quality of fruits and vegetables. It can inhibit the browning of certain fruits, such as apples and pears.

Extended Shelf Life

By reducing microbial load and the presence of pathogens, ozone washing can contribute to extending the shelf life of the produce. This can reduce food waste and enhance marketability.

Environmental Benefits

Ozone is an environmentally friendly option as it decomposes into oxygen without leaving any chemical residues. It does not contribute to water pollution.

Quality Control

KAFPCO likely monitors and controls the entire process, ensuring that the concentration of ozone, water temperature, and contact time are optimized for the specific types of fruits and vegetables being processed.

Compliance and Safety

The organization adheres to safety regulations and standards for ozone use in food processing to ensure that the ozone-treated produce is safe for consumption.

Overall, the use of ozone for washing vegetables and fruits by KAFPCO demonstrates a commitment to food safety, quality, and sustainability. It is a modern and efficient method that aligns with the principles of environmentally responsible agriculture while delivering safer and higher-quality produce to consumers.